Gellu Naum events in the US

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Dear Friends,

Please find attached the flyers for three of our next events in New York and Philadelphia, on March 29th and 30th, and April 5th, respectively.
Thank you so much, see you there!

Gellu Naum. Athanor and Other Pohems. Translated by MARGENTO and MArtin Woodside, with a foreword by MARGENTO. New York: Calypso Editions, 2013,–other-pohems.aspx

Gellu Naum (1915 — 2001) is one of the greatest European poets of 20th century.  Hestarted as an orthodox Surrealist, together with André Breton and Victor Brauner in the Paris of the 1930s, where he pursued a PhD in philosophy from the Sorbonne. After returning to Romania in the early 1940s, he embarked on a solitary and prolific career, riskily immune to the political agenda of the Communist regime. He reshaped surrealism by means of a mode-of-existence poetics that absorbed (often jocosely) erudite eastern and western references along with popular culture and the quotidian, thus managing to fuse a wide range of styles and dictions into a unique discourse, shamanistic and ironical at the same time. His verse contains varied infinities while staying mysteriously homogenous and enlightened by the pursuit of the same unmistaken path.



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