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We are launching The European Review of Books, a literary magazine in many tongues. We’re writing because we hope that it will interest you, and that you’ll welcome it.

We’re a non-profit organization, with roots in both academia and the magazine world. We’re starting the ERB for many reasons:

— because the structures of academia do not reward good writing,

— because the structures of media & markets threaten those institutions that sustain the arts and the intellect,

— because a pan-European magazine should resonate in full where its writers & readers are,

— because of the new solidarities such a magazine can create.

Our goal is to write, and to edit, beyond nation & metropole, and across region & language. Pieces, therefore, will appear both in English and in a writer’s own tongue. The ERB we have in mind will thus play with the seeming hegemony of English. We want to use the ubiquity of English to animate the multilingual.

This project will require a dedicated network of writers and translators, as well as editors in different languages. That’s why we’re reaching out to you. We’d love it if you passed this invitation on to people in your orbits who would be interested in this project.

This Saturday, May 8, we’ll launch a crowdfunding and subscription campaign, the funds from which will go to paying our contributors in our first year of operation. Blurbs and endorsements (in any language) are most welcome.

Find out more at our pilot website: , where you’ll find our answer to the question, “Do we need a European Review of Books?” plus some other questions, “infrequently asked.”


Press release – The European Review of Books

Campaign launch: 8 May 2021
The European Review of Books ( is a new magazine and
digital platform of culture and ideas: the best writing, in both English and in a
writer’s own tongue. On books & art, politics & international affairs, poetry &
architecture, science & technology, the high & the low. With roots in academia and
literature. Based in Europe but not exclusively European.
Crowdfunding campaign begins: Saturday, May 8
The ERB is a non-profit organization. On May 8, we will launch a crowdfunding
and subscription campaign. The money we raise will be used to pay contributors:
the writers, translators, local editors, illustrators and photographers who will bring
the magazine to life. The pandemic has taken an enormous toll on culture; this
work is more urgent than ever.
The campaign includes our campaign website, articles in different European
newspapers, a video, and social media outreach. For the six weeks of the
campaign, we will publish articles and endorsements from new and established
writers, including:
Ali Smith, Deborah Levy, Tim Parks, Sandro Veronesi, Pamela Druckerman, David Mitchell,
Etgar Keret, Paolo Giordano, Lauren Elkin, Benjamin Moser, Linda Kinstler, Chad Harbach,
Rem Koolhaas, & more
Learn more at
Europe & beyond
The European Review of Books is based in Europe. The editors and contributors are not
all from Europe, nor is our purpose to write exclusively about Europe. But the
national sieves through which culture is filtered leave us wanting more. Nowadays,
reviewers review, or merely rate, the latest item for their respective national publics.
The ERB breaks out of that frame. No “stars”, no measly “opinions”; we aim for
the genuine cross-pollination that only great essays can deliver.
Team: George Blaustein, Sander Pleij, Wiegertje Postma, Patrick Doan
Design: Bakken & Baeck
+31 20 5252269
Facebook: europeanreview
Instagram: european_review
LinkedIn: the-european-review-of-books/
Twitter: european_review


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