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Posted by Sorin-Mihai Grad On May - 25 - 2009

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On Oct 22nd 2008 the Gold-Disc-Awarded MARGENTO – with Maria Raducanu now back in the alternately lead and backing vocals position – gave an extraordinary performance on the rooftop of The Peasant Museum in Bucharest starting at dawn with a roaring rock version of a Sappho lyric and ending long after midnight with a thundering poetry performance solo. It was a three-band affair which also involved ABIS and EIUNUIEA; Grigore Negrescu of MARGENTO painted, sprayed, and graffitied non-stop on a 20 meter long and 3 meter wide canvas and Chris Tanasescu interspersed the other bands’ shows with his hollered lyric lines or whispered backing vocals input whereas during the intermissions he improvised and/or ritualistically recited his poetry riffs alongside with Negrescu’s incessantly unfurling action painting progress. The whole carnival was shot with 2 mobile cameras and 15 fixed ones (the camera operators, grips, gaffers and caterers being directed by Raluca Tanasescu, while the casual audience, mostly museum visitors or personnel but also a handful of always on guard fans, were ushered in, fended off the movie set and briefed on the project by Loretta Young-Baicu) and the footages have been since then being edited by the a-posteriori-scriptwriter-and-director Costin Dumitrache (of both ABIS and MARGENTO); the material shall result in a movie, of which the shorter version (88 min long) titled 7 + 11 = 3 is ready for the DVD production and shall be launched in June 2009. To see some samples please hit and

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  1. BioWolf says:

    have the first cds of these amazing guys, where to buy the dvd?

  2. look nuker says:

    where can be buyed this dvd? i have the firest cd margento, very interesting performance, my men!

  3. Raluca says:

    Hi, guys.
    I am happy you like Margento.
    I can send you the cd and dvd.
    Just give me you mail addresses and I will contact you.

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