The Joycean Monologue by C. George Sandulescu

Posted by Sorin-Mihai Grad On September - 2 - 2010

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            The Contemporary Literature Press, under The University of Bucharest, Director Lidia Vianu (of the English Dept.), in permanent conjunction with The British Council, and The Romanian Cultural Institute,—

                                          ANNOUNCES THE PUBLICATION IN ENGLISH

of The Joycean Monologue by C. George Sandulescu  (200 pages): the book is entirely devoted to a study of the three separate monologues of the novel, against the background of literary tradition. It almost functions as a guide to this epoch-making achievement called Ulysses. Attached are also three programmatic essays on James Joyce, later published by the same Author.

            George Sandulescu has lived, worked, and conducted research and teaching in major institutions in Romania, Sweden, Great Britain, the United States and Italy.  After the death in 1983 of Princess Grace of Monaco, he substantially assisted in founding the Monaco Library bearing her name, and organised important International Conferences there devoted to James Joyce (1985 and 1990), William Butler Yeats (1987), Samuel Beckett (1991), and Oscar Wilde (1993).


The book The Joycean Monologue, and the three articles entitled The Polyvalency of Joyce’s Characters (1984),  Joyce cet inconnu (1982), and  Archetype in Joyce’s Finnegans Wake (1983) are all available for consultation and downloading as from 1 September 2010 on the following internet address:




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